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I'm an author, a technology-marketing consultant, and dad to a gaggle of kids.


David Greenfield is the principal of Strategic Technology Analytics. a global technology-marketing consultancy, where he advises enterprises, equipment suppliers and service providers on emerging technologies. He has spent the past 20 years analyzing virtually every area of communications and collaboration and the past 10 years focussed on unified communications.

His work has appeared in leading technology publications such as, PC Magazine, Network Computing, IT Architect, Data Communications and Red Herring, and has consulted to and assisted Fortune 500 enterprises in their technology acquisitions. He is also the author of the "The Essential Guide to Optical Networks," the first book to explain optical technologies in plain, simple language.

He can be reached at or netmagdave (across every major IM system).


Hiking, travel, dance, reading, writing, Tae Kwon Do and virtually every sport known to my boys.